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Dog Harness "Minimal"

Dog Harness "Minimal"

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The best way to find out how to measure your dog correctly for the new harness is to read our measuring instructions here:

All dimensions please tight measure, no fingers between the dog and the measuring tape!

 The "Minimal" dog harness is made from wonderfully soft and robust greased leather or also in the color option "nature" in our solid saddle leather. This model can be adjusted with a buckle on the waist circumference and is otherwise not further adjustable. We recommend this model only for adult dogs. We recommend the "Everlast" dog harness for growing dogs or dogs with strong coat or weight fluctuations.

  • handmade in Munich
  • Vegetable tanned leather or optional color "nature" made of solid saddle leather from Germany
  • high-quality fittings made of stainless steel or brass
  • recommended for adult dogs

Notice: This harness is not suitable as a safety harness (for scared dogs or for securing when driving) and also not suitable for dog sports!

There are 5 holes on the waist for adjustment. The waist measurement given when ordering will be the middle hole.

leather width
(waist circumference) befolge unsere Messanleitung
shoulder strap
back strap
waist circumference
belly strap

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