Dog Collar "Tropical"

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The "Tropical" dog collar combines a light, summery rope in the unmistakable, minimalist black-and-white pattern with a cognac-colored leather adapter. Up to two different colors can be individually selected for the rigging, which makes each collar unique! The collar can be with the leash "Tropical" or the plain one Fat Leather Leash "Oh,Dear!" combine in cognac. 

Size MINI: recommended for a neck circumference of less than 30cm, we use leather with a width of 1.5cm and a small, light buckle

Size MEDIUM: Width of leather and buckle 2cm

Size BIG: Width of leather and buckle 2.5cm

  • handmade in Munich
  • vegetable tanned greased leather from Germany
  • Rope diameter approx. 10mm, collar width approx. 2cm
  • high-quality fittings made of stainless steel or brass

Note: Please round off the neck circumference, if you measure 38.5 cm on your dog, for example, choose 38 cm. To ensure the perfect fit of the collar, please use our Messanleitung.

The neck circumference you specify will be taken as middle hole made. Two more holes to adjust smaller & two more holes to adjust larger.

at Young dogs from 6 months the neck circumference you specify will be the narrowest Hole made plus 4 more holes for waxing (approx. 5cm leeway for adjustment.).